The Last Call Program

Last Call is a health program that combines multiple treatment aspects to deliver superior results in a very short period of time. While Last Call clients enjoy five times the success rate of conventional treatment patients, they also restore their health, dignity, and family relationships.

Last Call solves drinking problems with a proven approach to decreasing your desire to drink. Instead of focusing on abstinence, Last Call lessens your desire to consume excessive alcohol. All modern research proves that the excessive desire for alcohol is a physiological imbalance in the body.

The family aspect of Last Call helps restore damaged relationships. Last Call clients repair and improve family, work, and friendships three times as much as patients in conventional programs.

Last Call clients enter into treatement earlier before ruin comes to their family, health, and career. While over 60% of admissions to standard, 28-day treatment programs are court ordered or the result of a critical family intervention, 55% of Last Call clients begin their program through their own initiative. Many of their family, friends, and co-workers have not even realized how serious a problem exists.

Success with Last Call means that clients feel comfortable with their use of alcohol, and they find ways to relax. They drink moderately as a reasonable, enjoyable part of their lives. They have better family relationships and typically spend more time among their family and friends.

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