Sobrexa is the foundation of the LAST CALL program. Sobrexa creates an opportunity for the body to change, so it no longer craves excessive alcohol. It is a botanically-based compound produced using a unique method to attain the highest degree of bio-availability from multiple plant materials.

Some people have a neuro-physiological difference that predisposes them to have an abnormal reaction to alcohol. As alcohol becomes more consistent in their body, chemical events start to occur which disrupt the system of excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmitters. This leads those people to unusual cravings for alcohol.

Sobrexa contributes to changes in body function that account for the suppression of alcohol intake. Sobrexa efficacy has been proven in a 3rd-party, independently verified study. 218 other studies confirm the antidipsotropic effect of daidzin-based compounds such as Sobrexa.

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Sobrexa is the foundation of the Last Call program to re-gain control of your alcohol.

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