Dr. Frank W. Gibson

Dr. Gibson combines the unique expirence of successful businessman, entrepreneur, medical practicioner, and scientific researcher.

Dr. Gibson gained valuable business experience as Vice President of Universal Restaurants, Inc., where in only nine years, he directed operations to develop ten luxury-oriented Bodega restaurants in three states.

Leaving URI in 1979, Dr. Gibson studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbology for seven years, earning a Master of Science degree.

In 1991, he founded 6th Millennium Corporation, which developed to become the largest clinic of integrative and oriental medicine in the U.S. Within 6MC, Dr. Gibson developed the alcohol program that was intrumental in the development of Sobrexa and the Last Call Program.

In 2006, Dr. Gibson sold 6MC, thereby allowing complete focus and dedication for the development of Sobrexa and the founding of Avantcare, Inc.

Dr. Gibson is the author of Age with Energy, Hepatitis C—The Facts, The Cure, and Natural Health. He has appeared on over fifty television and radio programs in the U.S, and in several European television programs. In 2012, Dr. Gibson appeared on Joan Lunden's PBS series, American Milestones. He served as the co-host of Our Day, a popular Atlanta radio program. He has been featured in dozens of magazine and newspaper articles.

Dr. Gibson has presented 164 seminars in Germany, Switzerland, and the United States. In November 2008, he presented a scientific symposium on the neuro-science of alcohol addiction in Sofia, Bulgaria. It was attended by leading European scientists and Physicians.

Dr. Gibson is the founder of Precious Wood Farm, a 216-acre, non-profit health and educational facility in the mountains of North Carolina. He personally developed all aspects of the project including site planning, architechtural design and drawings, engineering, and construction of over $1 million in structures.

Dr. Gibson has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Miami, and a Masters of Science from Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in conjunction with Nanjing University. He is a Board Certified Diplomate of Chinese Herbology by the National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. he also has an Applied Music degree.

Dr. Gibson's personal interests include restoring classic cars (currently a '67 Jaguar E-Type and a '76 Alfa Romeo), and martial arts, in which he has won 27 international championships. He also enjoys mountaineering and has successfully ascended the highest peak outside of Asia, Aconcagua, the 22,841 foot peak of Argentina.