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Avantcare is one of only a few producers where all aspects of the research, formulation, ingredient preparation, compounding, bottling, warehousing, and shipping are under strict control within a single facility. Constructed in 2008, the Avantcare Lab is designed and equipped according to the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering design requirements, and operates under cGMP standards.

Last Call Program and Sobrexa production facility

The Avantcare production facility operates bottle filling, capping, and labeling. Large clean rooms provide the ability to compound all eight of the Avantcare Labs products. After labeling, all bottles are inspected prior to being fitted with a safety seal. Approved products are packaged on-site and shipped directly from the laboratory building. From raw material to practitioner, the products are within company control. With our existing equipment, we can produce over 1,000,000 bottles annually.

Avantcare currently produces eight products in our facility. Constant production ensures a large inventory is constantly maintained to assure product availability.

Production of the Last Call program that helps you quit overdrinking alcohol

The Avantcare Lab also serves as the company's research facility. The unique formulations are constructed in the lab with consideration for efficacy as well as pharmaceutical interactions. For each ingredient, pharmacopeia is researched. If any known interactions occur with any pharmaceutical drug medications, the plant is not used.

As an example, Avantcare's most significant product, Sobrexa, began testing in 1993. Since that time, not a single interaction or negative side-effect has been reported. This is indicative of Avantcare's commitment to safety.

Stop drinking with the help of the Last Call program

All aspects of the Avantcare Lab are managed by Neil Westby. He is an active member of the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE). The ISPE works through its members to obtain the highest levels of cGMP compliance, quality, and integrity in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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