Avantcare has developed a unique method of compounding poly-molecular phyto-pharmaceutical products. The exclusive method involves a multi-phase process which combines the ability to maximize the isoflavone extraction, provide consistent bio-availability, and maintain the structure of the molecule necessary to the efficacy of the final product. Avantcare also has developed an analytical method for routine quantification of the broad range of concentrations of the isoflavones found in the wide variety of botanical materials applied.

The science of bio-availability can be described as a bridge between plant materials and drug chemistry. Avantcare has developed a proprietary method of releasing bio-substances from botanical materials which create a product near-perfect in regards to extraction, balance, mutual counteraction, mutual suppression, mutual antagonism, or mutual incompatibility.

The structure of the formulation creates actions and mechanisms which, combined with a unique bio-availability, result in a far more complex and efficacious outcome than any other form of plant-based, natural product.

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