Natural Sources

Avantcare products are botanically-based, natural compounds using a unique method to attain the highest degree of bio-availability from multiple plant materials.

The Last Call Program is 100% natural and helps you quit drinking alcohol.

The composition of the product formulations are not a mere collection of botanical medicinal substances, in which one herb is simply added to another in a cumulative fashion. Instead, our formulations are complex recipes of interrelated substances, each of which affects the actions of the others in the formula.

Only natural ingredients are used in the Last Call program.

At Avantcare, we produce all of our products ourselves, thus controlling all aspects from harvest to safety seal on the bottle. A specific, independent analysis of each ingredient is performed before approval for use in any Avantcare product. Compounding ingredients are USP and/or Kosher grade. All of the botanical materials are bio-specific and wild or natural, organic wild-crafted plants.

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